How to install a One-Click Turnkey Linux application?


Installing one of our one-click apps is an easy and quick process. The installation wizard guides you through the process and makes it easy to get up and running in no time. Most installations that we've completed took about 5 minutes and a few simple clicks.

When choosing one of our One-Click apps, your VPS will not have any operating system installed on it, and the ISO of the app you selected will be mounted as a virtual disk.

If you need support with any part of the installation, please submit a support ticket. We'll be happy to help!

The order process

The apps can't be installed on the Bronze VPS plan. The minimum required plan for our one-click apps is the Silver plan.

When placing an order for a one-click app VPS, you will be able to choose the operating system and the one-click app of your choice.

Under "Operating System" you should select the "None, I'll install a one-click app" option and under "One-Click App", select your preferred one-click app.

The installation wizard

When your VPS is ready for use, you will receive a welcome email that has your server's IP address and more important information.

1. Check that your VPS is running

Once you get the welcome email, you should navigate to the My Services page and click the line that represents your new VPS.

Then, scroll down and make sure that your VPS status is set to "Running". If it's not running, press the "Boot" button under "Control Panel".

Make sure your VPS is running before accessing the NoVNC Console
2. Open the NoVNC Console

Once your VPS is running, scroll down to the part that says "Control Panel" and press the "NoVNC" button. This will open up the console.

Press the NoVNC Button to launch the console
3. Select partitioning method

Select the default "Guided" partitioning method, which figures out how to partition the virtual hard disk automatically. If unsure, just confirm the defaults.

Select "Guided" partitioning method
4. Confirm the changes to disks and configuring LVM

When prompted to write the partition tables to disk and configure LVM, select Yes.

Confirm writing to disk and configuring LVM
5. Continue installation with default options

Depending on the app you selected, you may see a few more screens asking you to press "OK" or "Yes". Simply confirm the defaults and continue.

6. Confirm the re-partitioning of the virtual hard disk
Confirm the changes to disk
7. Install GRUB boot loader to the master boot record

If prompted to a screen asking you to install GRUB boot loader to the master boot record, select Yes.

Confirm GRUB loader writing to master boot
8. Allow the wizard to finish the installation but do not reboot yet

The installer will now quickly install the appliance to the virtual hard disk. Usually, this takes about a minute. When the installation is complete, you will be prompted to reboot the VPS, do not click "Yes" just yet.

9. Remove the ISO to allow the server to boot from the virtual hard disk

If we reboot the server with the ISO still mounted, the ISO will be booted instead of the application we just installed. Due to that fact, we will need to remove the ISO.

In order to remove the ISO, go back to the Maple-Hosting client area, to the same section where you checked that your VPS was running (step 1). Then, press the edit button for the "CD/DVD Disc Image File" option:

Press the edit button next to the "CD/DVD Disc Image File" option

Make sure that the selected IMAGE FILE is "None" and press "Save Changes".

Confirm the removal of the ISO by selecting "None".
10. Reboot the VPS and complete the configuration

Go back to the NoVNC Console and allow the installer to reboot the VPS.

Reboot your VPS

The first time the system boots, you'll be taken to various configuration screens (e.g., set passwords, install latest security updates). After that, the first boot will finish and you'll reach the Configuration Console's Usage screen.

You can now use your browser to access the different management panels of your application

You're all set! You can now use a browser to log into your newly installed TurnKey application and its control panels.

Enjoy your new application and thank you for choosing Maple-Hosting!

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